Home Remedies For Pimple Scars With Water And Liquids

We have all heard of the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well what if we re-phrase this in relation to our skin and say water and liquids a day keep our pimplesat bay. Funny, I don’t think so, especially when you stand in front of your mirror wondering what to do and you feel low and depressed about those ugly pimples that stand out on your face. Note that you need to have a plan of action rather than allowing yourself to be overcome with anxiety as this will only worsen your problem. You do have alternatives as you could try one of the over the counter treatments such as proactive or you could make an appointment to see your doctor. You could however, deal with your problem by using some common treatments to be found at home. Let’s look at some home remedies for pimples.

Radish when made into a paste and applied on the scars reduces the spots over ten days, however Radish juice with a teaspoon of honey to help the taste, would help you to clean your internals and keep your blood circulating, which eventually means clearskin and a blemish free flawless look. Other remedies include mixing a tablespoon of turmeric with lime and water with a little bit of honey. It makes for a good chilled drink and the multipurpose benefits would be the citrus helps to keep your face free from any untoward facial scars that may have happened thanks to the pimples.

Water and liquids have always been the safest option when it comes to scar removals and also to prevent further pimple attacks or acne formations in future. Using coconut water and even the milk of coconut in its raw form freshly grated is proven to be a good antidote helping in scar removals. You may also opt to use papaya juice in its thickest form or add some water to dilute it and wash it over the areas where there are scars on the face or neck; you would need to be patient to see results. Remember removing pimples naturally need patience and the results don’t show over night, but they do not take that long either. There plenty of remedies to be found on the internet, however it is important to ensure that you educate yourself and check your skin to ensure that whatever treatment you try is right for you. Until the next time, keep washing away!!