The Connection between Arthritis and Body Weight

The condition of your arthritis can get negatively affected by the weight of your body depending on the exact type of arthritis you are suffering from. There are around 100 different arthritis types having different causes. The most commonly found to arthritis types are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of autoimmune disorder in which an individual’s joints are attacked by his/her immune system. Although the person’s weight has no impact on the condition per se, it is recommended for one to maintain good health and try losing weight.

Osteoarthritis is caused primarily due to wear and tear of a joint, or in some cases because of trauma or injury caused to the joint. The person’s weight has huge impact on this type of arthritis.

In most types of arthritis, gaining additional weight is often found to be a side effect as a result of lack of exercise due to persistent pain.

Osteoarthritis and body weight

As explained above, osteoarthritis is caused mainly due to wear and tear of a joint or because of injury or trauma caused to the joint. In this condition the joint cartilage deteriorates or erodes over a period of time and resultantly one may experience one bone rubbing against the other. Another common characteristic of osteoarthritis is joint inflammation leading to excessive fluid buildup and swelling. The amount of pain experienced by the patient may vary from individual to individual. While some may hardly experience any pain, the others may not be able to pass a minute without excruciating pain.

The strain of body weight

Any amount of weight gain by an individual suffering from osteoarthritis will directly have a negative impact on the affected joint, leading to further degradation or damage. Furthermore, day to day chores such as boarding or de-boarding a vehicle, climbing the stairs etc. accompanied by regular weight gain enhances the strain experienced by the joints to as much as five times. This implies that if anyone is overweight by 30lbs, the increased strain on the joint by climbing up the stairs could be close to 150 lbs. This causes even more damage to the concerned joint and contributes to the worsening of the osteoarthritis condition.

Reduced mobility leading to weight gain

A common problem faced by all arthritis patients is that of gaining additional bodyweight. Joint pains often results in a common tendency among these patients to stop moving around and remaining bed stricken. As a result, due to reduced body exercise, the individual automatically starts gaining more weight. This in turn causes more damage to the joints and leads to further reduction in exercise, thereby creating a vicious circle.

Important steps to avoid weight gain due to arthritis

In case you havent yet been diagnosed with arthritis and are taking effective steps to avoid its occurrence, it is advisable that you reduce body weight as much as possible.

In the event that you are already suffering from arthritis, the first step must be to reduce the pain to bearable levels so that you can start moving around. Opting for a natural arthritis pain treatment such as regular consumption of Provailen can help you in regaining mobility and leading a normal and active life.